Radio station to play Christmas songs every day to December 25 to ‘lift spirits’

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A radio station has vowed to play Christmas songs every day until December 25.

Magic 100% Christmas will be available online this year to raise spirits during the coronavirus crisis.

Bauer Media launched the pop-up station yesterday, despite the fact it’s still summer.

Tony Moorey, Group Content Director, Magic Radio, told Radio Today: “At Magic Radio we are constantly evolving our offerings and launching innovative new shows and stations to ensure that we reflect our audience’s needs.

“With listeners seeking cheer and fun during these challenging times and a strong understanding of how music and Christmas are interlinked, we knew that the next expansion of the Magic brand had to be around the joy of Christmas.”

Ronan Keating, Magic Radio Breakfast presenter, added: “2020 has been a hard year for us all – what better way to lift our spirits than bringing Christmas forward a few months?

“One of the most fulfilling parts of working at Magic Radio is to be able to connect with our listeners and bring a smile to their faces, so I can’t wait to launch Magic 100% Christmas and turn up the Christmas cheer!”

According to a survey, 37% of Bauer Radio listeners said the Christmas mood first kicks in when they hear festive music.

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Two-thirds of Brits feared a second wave of the coronavirus, and over half were worried about not being able to see friends and family during the holiday season.

Social media users were baffled by the announcement, with one tweeting: “I know 2020 isn't going so well but really?”

Another said: “Just stop with this ridiculous nonsense.”

But others welcomed the gimmick, with another user writing: I absolutely love the fact you have done this.

“Thank you! A bit of sparkle to 2020.”

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