Donald Trump humiliation as US President pulls TV adverts after spending millions

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The Republican president will face Democrat Joe Biden in the US election on November 3. After an initial splurge on TV spots, the Trump campaign has gone mostly dark and given up it’s advertising spots. Advertising data currently shows Biden’s campaign is outspending the incumbent president by more than 10 to 1.

In August, Mr Biden’s team spent around $80 million on television advertising in key battleground states.

The Democrats spent double what Mr Trump’s campaign did on TV spots in Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

The Trump campaign, while still targeting battleground states, is focusing its spending on Republican strongholds like Iowa and Montana.

In the week ahead, Democrats have splurged an eye-watering $18.3 million on TV adverts, compared to Mr Trump’s $1.6 million.

Data from ad tracking firm Kantar/CMAG revealed the dramatic drop in advertising for Mr Trump.

Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller rushed to dismiss reports of a drop in advertising, claiming more funding on the campaign will come this week.

He said: “We have over $200 million worth of TV ads that are reserved Labor Day until Election Day.

“We’re speaking with voters in states as they’re starting to come online.”

Data from Kantar/CMAG shows the campaign does not have an increase in advertising booked until September 8.

Mr Trump’s aides have told Politico they did not feel the need to spend on advertising during the week of the Republican National Convention, as it received widespread mainstream coverage.

Tim Murtaugh, Trump campaign spokesman, said it “makes little sense to blow donor money on ads during convention weeks, when all of the national media is focused on the candidates anyway”.

His comments came as the Democrats spent $16 million on TV advertising on the week of the Democratic National Convention.

They then splurged on a further $14 million worth of advertising during the RNC.


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The lack of TV spots have worried senior Republicans, who believe less adverts mean Mr Biden’s message goes unchallenged.

Trump allies have expressed a growing want to see pro-Republican group America First Action start donating more, after it has been outspent by it’s Democrat rivals.

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said: “With 70 days to go in a campaign, all of the people who have raised money on behalf of Donald Trump’s name should be spending it to support his campaign right now.”

David Bossie, a former Trump deputy campaign manager, added: “After years of planning, strategising and fundraising, now is the time for the super PACs and those organisations that support President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence’s reelection to engage with their all-important dollars to have a positive impact now and not wait any longer.”

It comes as Mr Trump has attempted to shift the focus of the US election onto the unrest caused by Black Lives Matter protests, with the US president pushing a message of “law and order”.

Protests for racial equality have raged throughout the summer due to the death of George Floyd in custody on May 25, and have resurged over the police shooting of Jacob Black on August 23.

While the Trump campaign has spent less on TV ads, it’s social media videos have targeted the recent protests as examples of Democrat’s losing control of their cities.

One ad, titled “Democrats have lost their minds,” urges Trump supporters to come together “to send a united message that we demand law and order.”

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