Donald Trump warning: Coronavirus crisis to be ‘liability’ on US President’s 2020 campaign

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Jadan Horyn told the coronavirus pandemic will be a liability on President Trump’s election campaign but reopening the economy will be a factor in his favour. He added that decreasing COVID-19 cases and a healthy economy will hurt the Democrats’ chances of defeating the US President. 

Mr Horyn said: “I think for Americans having a country with this wild west media we get to see what coronavirus actually does to a country with 325 million people, that is massive and has different layers of Government and accountability.

“So it will absolutely be a liability on the President, how it is handled and an increase or decrease in cases going into the election will make all the difference.

“Our cases numbers are down significantly from where they were, if that trend continues it will put us in mid-October where we were three or four months ago.

“I don’t know if the media are going to cover that because they won’t want to give the President credit but that will be a factor.

“The economy reopening will also be a factor, that could play in the President’s favour.

“There are somethings that I do believe that are outside the scope of the narrative either party would want.

“Increasing cases would hurt the President and the Republicans and decreasing cases and a healthy economy in general would hurt the Democrats no matter what they are saying.”

During the same interview, the US political commentator backed Donald Trump to win the 2020 US Presidential election.

Jadan Horyn told that Donald Trump’s record on unemployment rates before the coronavirus pandemic will be enough to beat Joe Biden.

He added that the central problem for the Democrat Party is the opinion among voters that President Trump should be given another shot. 

Mr Horyn said: “As someone who follows these things and looks at the President, I know that before coronavirus hit there was a clear message.

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“It was the best economy in 50 years, the best unemployment rate for every minority in the history of the country.

“I don’t think after nine months that the general opinion of the President, who has found a message that resonates with voters, will be anything other than give him a shot.

“I think with over 60 days left that is the central problem for the Democrats.”

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