Boris Johnson ordered to TEAR UP Brexit Withdrawal Agreement -‘Always a poisoned chalice!’

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Readers voted in our poll on whether they think the European Union has been negotiating in good faith or if the Prime Minister should tear up the divorce deal. A huge 95 percent of respondents (7,138 votes) insisted Mr Johnson should bin the Withdrawal Agreement.

Just five percent (398) said Brussels was negotiating in good faith with Britain. Some 53 people did not know.

Commenting on the poll, one reader blasted: “The withdrawal ‘agreement’ was always a poisoned chalice, being little more or less than May’s disgraceful proposed agreement toned down a tad.

“I believe it was signed, in desperation by those who hated it and in the continuing hope of further delaying Brexit by remoaner MPs, in order to move things on and above all avoid a ‘no deal’.

“Since then the EU has proved the futility of our expectations that they would co-operate to find common ground and we would all sail on happily to a mutually beneficial agreement.

“Boris is threatening to scrap the agreement if the result is finally a no deal arrangement – which makes perfect sense and under the circ’s would be completely justified.”

Another blasted: “My preference is to tear up the withdrawal agreement and walk away now rather than drag this awful saga on any further.

“The EU started putting on conditions from the very beginning by asking for the European fishing system to remain in place and the so-called level-playing field before any further trade negotiations started. So no good faith on behalf of the EU.

“Why we are even still attempting to negotiate is ridiculous. It’s not as if we are going to get a really good deal. The EU just won’t allow it.”

A third fumed: “From the very start the EU has treated GB in a hostile fashion, trying all the time to put one over and thinking of us as a subordinate.

“There is little alternative to ‘No Deal’ to become properly sovereign.”

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One more added: “Good faith, I would rather they be honest and truthful, and admit they need us more than we need them, then we might get somewhere.”

Our poll comes as Boris Johnson sparked controversy this week with his UK Internal Market Bill, which hands ministers the power to override parts of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.

A statement on the Government’s website said it would ask Parliament to support provisions in the Bill if it believes the EU is “engaged in a material breach of its duties of good faith or other obligations, and thereby undermining the fundamental purpose of the Northern Ireland Protocol”.

It comes as chief negotiators Lord Frost and Michel Barnier took part in informal talks this week.

A breakthrough is needed in negotiations if a deal is to be finalised by the end of the year when the transition period comes to a close.

Both the UK and the EU have warned a post-Brexit agreement is needed by October to be in place for the start of 2021. polled 7,589 people on September 18.

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