Puppy breaks hearts as he gets dressed up to meet new owners who never appeared

A dog charity broke hearts when they revealed a puppy they were caring for was stood up by his planned owners.

Adorable puppy Vincente got all dressed up in a miniature tuxedo and bow tie to greet his new owners – who never turned up to collect him.

The pooch had been being cared for by Colombian animal charity Fundacion Rescatame who claim the intended owners cancelled at the last minute.

Vincente is now searching for new owners to adopt him – with the charity reiterating the fact that pets are a life long commitment that can't be dumped on a whim.

The charity shared snaps of the tiny dog on social media, freshly groomed and wearing his best outfit on the day he was stood up.

The charity wrote via Instagram: “Vincente was left all dressed up and excited, ready for adoption.

“His supposed adopter never came to pick him up. Just as he was ready for a home, all bathed, they cancelled the adoption.”

“And then they ask us how come we’re so strict with the adoption process – this is why! Because we don’t want to have any doubts that our furry friends will be in excellent hands for life.

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“If you want to adopt, keep in mind that the commitment is for always, animals are not things you can have when you feel like getting a dog.”

It sounds like the tragic story is heading for a happy end – as news of Vincente’s misfortune has carried around the world.

The charity is now being inundated with requests from people who would like to adopt him.

They declared on Facebook: “We are happily surprised that Vicente has come this far.”

“People have written to us from Italy, Germany, France, Argentina, Peru, and many more Latin American countries to tell us that they saw Vicente and the foundation and want to be part of this story. Thank you!”

“Just like Vicente, we have many furry friends in the foundation who want to find a great family. All the information to help us or adopt is found here."

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