PMQs LIVE: Boris Johnson plans angry response to Keir Starmer after ‘bendy bananas’ jibe

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Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer are set for a Commons clash during PMQs this afternoon, following the Labour leader’s scathing assessment of the Prime Minister’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. During a keynote speech at the Labour Party’s online conference, Sir Keir criticised Mr Johnson’s “serial incompetence” both past and present.

The Labour leader hit out at a series of failings by the Tory Government during the coronavirus pandemic, such as the exams fiasco, getting children back to school and the NHS test and trace system.

Sir Keir said the Prime Minister is “just not serious” and “just not up to the job” as he set out what he sees as the “big difference” between them both.

He said: “Whenever he encounters a problem, Johnson responds either by wishing it away or by lashing out.”

The Labour leader added: “While Boris Johnson was writing flippant columns about bendy bananas, I was defending victims and prosecuting terrorists.

“While he was being sacked by a newspaper for making up quotes, I was fighting for justice and the rule of law.”

The Labour leader’s “bendy banana” comment refers to Mr Johnson’s anti-Brussels rhetoric.

The Prime Minister has previously highlighted the EU’s widely ridiculed ruling that banned rogue bananas with “malformations and abnormal curvature”.

During PMQs this afternoon Mr Johnson is expected to respond to the scathing comments, which strongly attacked the Prime Minister’s competence and character.

He is also likely to reiterate England’s new coronavirus restrictions, which he highlighted in a TV address to the nation last night.


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