Greta Thunberg’s rival unleashes sensational attack amid bitter row over EU pact

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Ms Seibt was critical of Ms Thunberg and her requests to keep youngsters away from their schools as part of her Fridays for Future protests. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the gatherings were postponed but Ms Thunberg is now encouraging school children to meet up and demand action from the authorities over climate change. But speaking exclusively to, Ms Seibt – dubbed the anti-Greta Thunberg of climate change – told the Swedish activist to let children focus more on their own education as opposed to protesting.

She also accused Ms Thunberg of “connecting everything”, such as racism, the economy and climate change.

Ms Seibt said: “[The protests] are an attempt to keep this climate activism going because Greta kept tweeting or talking about how we can’t neglect climate change even during pandemic or crisis.

“I know we’re in a health, economic, climate, race and gender crisis because according to Greta everything is connected.

“She connects racism, feminism and climate change, it’s all connected to climate change. It’s something she’s very passionate about. She has to promote everything…but it’s all for show. It’s not linked.”

She added: “These strikes should not be going ahead, of course, but she is just keeping this going.

“This is just to keep her entire agenda going because she knows it doesn’t make sense.

“Most children didn’t even have school over the last couple of months so they did their online climate strikes, which was again really just something to pose for on Instagram or Twitter, and to show off their climate virtuous.

“But really nobody cared about that, it was just a distraction from everything else going on.”

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The Friday for Future protests have been running for two years, and so far there have been 105, including virtual events held when citizens were unable to meet up due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Last month saw around 100 activists join Ms Thunberg in Berlin to protest, just hours after the teen had met with Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel.

The two met to discuss climate change action, and following the meeting, Ms Thunberg said she and other activists “want leaders to step up, take responsibility, and treat the climate crisis like a crisis”.

Ms Thunberg – like Ms Seibt – is unhappy at the EU’s pledge to make Europe the first carbon-free continent on the planet within the next 30 years, although for completely different reasons.

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Ms Thunberg argues their pledge doesn’t go far enough, while Ms Seibt said it is completely unnecessary as there are other ways to stop the climate from changing and more debate needs to be had on pathways forward.

And Ms Seibt claimed the EU’s reluctance to discuss other non-renewable energy sources with those who are against climate change, showed the bloc is “very one-sided”.

She added: “They are always claiming that they are so democratic and that we need to listen to all sides.

“It’s the same in schools. In school we were taught that we need to question everything and have discussions, but really those discussions are really limited.

“When we were at school we didn’t even discuss whether climate change is catastrophic or man made, we just discussed what is the best alternative energy source so really we’re skipping the main problem here.”

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