Labour on the brink: Party will not recover from Corbyn’s legacy – ‘Not in a generation’

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Mr Corbyn led the opposition party for nearly five years before stepping down in April after Labour suffered one of its worst election results in modern history. On Thursday the MP who has held the Islington North seat since 1983 had the whip withdrawn over his refusal to retract remarks he made in light of a damning report on anti-Semitism within the party.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission found the party broke equality law when Mr Corbyn was in charge.

The 71-year-old claimed the scale of anti-Semitism within Labour had been “dramatically overstated” by opponents.

Speaking as infighting engulfed the Labour, Sir Keir Starmer on Friday defended the party’s decision to suspend his predecessor. conducted an exclusive poll asking readers if they believed the Labour Party could ever recover from Mr Corbyn’s reign.

The overwhelming majority (82 percent; 2,465) said no while only 16 percent (445) said yes.

Just two percent of respondents (69) said they didn’t know.

In comments, many readers said they could not foresee how Labour would be able to shrug off the damage to its reputation suffered under Mr Corbyn’s leadership.

One person fiercely opposed to the idea of voting for Labour said Mr Corbyn had simply illustrated what the party is all about during his term as leader.

The person called Labour “anti-UK, anti the working man, anti-democratic and anti-Semitic”.

A second said there was no way Labour would win back the support of its former loyal voters, at least “not in a generation”.

A third person argued that Labour could recover from Mr Corbyn’s legacy as leader – but only if it “removes all vestiges of power from the hard Left who took control of the party during Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership”.

They added: “Labour needs to decide its long-term policies and present them clearly to the public if they wish to win back the support of the traditional voters who were disenfranchised by the socialist manifesto that the party has recently espoused.”

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Others predicted Mr Corbyn would be allowed to return to the party once the “dust settles”.

One reader said: “Don’t be fooled! Starmer will let Jeremy (the man he supported for four years) back in as soon as the dust settles.”

Another added: “The problem Starmer has is that he sat on the front benches next to Corbyn for two years at least, while all the anti-Semitism was going on and did nothing.”

The poll was open between 10am and 9pm on Friday, October 30, with a total of 2,979 readers casting their votes.

Diane Abbott, Mr Corbyn’s long-term ally, said it was “vital” that he would be reinstated as she warned that his suspension would “not help us win the next election”.

She told the “Stand with Corbyn” rally: “There have been historic failures in the way that racism – including anti-Semitism – has been handled by the party.

“The priority right now for everyone in our party is to come together and successfully improve the way that Labour handles racism and anti-Semitism.

“Of course, I want to see all the recommendations in the EHRC report implemented, as does Jeremy.”

She said she was “shocked and saddened” by and “completely opposed” to Mr Corbyn’s suspension, warning it would threaten Labour’s chances.

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