Uber and Lyft shares surge after California voters affirm how they classify drivers.

Share prices in Uber and Lyft jumped in early trading on Wednesday after California voters approved a measure that will allow the ride-hailing companies to continue treating drivers as independent contractors.

Uber shares gained as much as 9 percent, and Lyft rose more than 12 percent.

Both companies help draft the ballot measure, known as Proposition 22, which exempts them from a new state labor law that would have forced them to employ drivers and pay for health care. Uber is expected to pursue federal legislation that would protect it and other gig economy companies from similar employment laws in other states.

The battle over Prop. 22 became hugely expensive, with backers contributing $200 million to a campaign that pitted Uber, Lyft, DoorDash and similar gig economy companies against labor groups and state lawmakers.

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