Brits still banned from having sex with anyone outside household after lockdown

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Sex with anyone outside your household still won’t be allowed once the current lockdown ends in England, Matt Hancock today confirmed.

The Health Secretary was addressing the nation during a coronavirus briefing.

It comes following a drop in Covid-19 cases across England since the blanket restrictions were introduced.

Infections fell by a third across the country during November, research by Imperial College revealed.

Ella, a member of public, asked Hancock if she would be able to visit her boyfriend once England enters the new tier system.

He responded: "The rules about exactly what is permitted in each of the tiers is on the website.

"I start my answer with that because for everybody watching if you're in a specific situation, then the best thing to do is to go and look precisely at the rules.

"Now of course I understand the impact on people who are in a long-term relationship and we have made specific provision.

"But the general rule for those who are in Tier 2 is that the rule of six applies outdoors, including for instance in a private garden, but indoors you should only be mixing with people who are in your own household."

Earlier today, a Government minister warned Brits who haven’t had acoronavirusvaccine could be banned frompubsand restaurants.

ToryMP Nadhim Zahawi, who has been appointed as a health minister to oversee the jab’s rollout, made the comments on the BBC's World at One.

He believes businesses and sports venues may demand to check whether customers have been vaccinated.

Zahawi said: "We are looking at the technology."

“And, of course, a way of people being able to inform their GP that they have been vaccinated."

He added: "But, also you'll probably find that restaurants and bars and cinemas and other venues, sports venues, will probably also use that system – as they have done with the app.

"I think that in many ways the pressure will come from both ways, from service providers who’ll say ‘look, demonstrate to us that you have been vaccinated’.

“But, also, we will make the technology as easy and accessible as possible.”

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