Britain and Spain reach initial agreement on Gibraltar’s post-Brexit status

Britain and Spain have reached an initial agreement over Gibraltar’s post-Brexit status, Spain’s foreign minister has said.

Under the deal the territory will remain part of European Union agreements such as the Schengen free movement area, Arancha Gonzalez Laya told reporters.

London and Madrid had been negotiating how to police the land border between Spain and Gibraltar which was excluded from the last-minute exit deal reached between Britain and the EU last week.

Britain’s foreign secretary Dominic Raab said: “Today, working side by side with the Chief Minister of Gibraltar, and following intensive discussions with the Spanish government, we reached agreement on a political framework to form the basis of a separate treaty between the UK and the EU regarding Gibraltar.

“We will now send this to the European Commission, in order to initiate negotiations on the formal treaty.

“In the meantime, all sides are committed to mitigating the effects of the end of the transition period on Gibraltar, and in particular ensure border fluidity, which is clearly in the best interests of the people living on both sides.

“We remain steadfast in our support for Gibraltar and its sovereignty.”

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