‘One Pound Fish’ man who shot to fame on X Factor returns after eight years

The creator of viral hit One Pound Fish is back after disappearing from the limelight for over eight years.

Muhammad Shahid Nazir rose to fame in 2012 after he recorded a catchy song to help flog fish at a stall in Queen’s Market in East London.

In the song, Shahid sings: "Come on ladies, come on ladies, one pound fish… Have a have a look, one pound fish!"

Within a month, the song gained well over a millions hits on YouTube, and Nazir was even approached by a record label.

Shahid even ended up auditioning for the X-Factor and said his ultimate goal was to "keep his dream alive" and become a professional singer.

But now he is back.

He has turned his attention to a vape company to produce a remake of his infamous One Pound Fish song, this time talking about One Pound Juice.

In the song, Shahid sings: "Come on vapers, come on vapers, one pound juice. Very good quality, one pound juice."

He then repeats "Come on vapers, come on vapers".

The video is yet to reach the heights of his infamous One Pound Fish video, and has amassed just 732 views in 4 days.

At the height of his short-lived fame, Shahid said: “I feel very good and can't believe everyone is singing the song. It's become famous.

"I'd been doing the job for just a week before I decided to sing the song which I made up myself. I soon realised it got people's attention and drew them to the stall to buy fish."

"People want my autograph and they take photographs as well as make videos of me."

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Shahid’s rise to fame didn’t last long however, and the former fish seller disappeared from the limelight only to pop back up eight years later.

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