A Dukkah for Dusting

Dukkah is a Middle Eastern seasoning mix, combining spices, nuts and seeds, that’s used as a dip and a topping. Camilla Marcus, the chef and the owner of West-Bourne, a California-style restaurant in SoHo that closed in September because of the pandemic, has maintained her company’s retail sideline, selling some condiments and other products for which it was known. Her latest creation is pistachio dukkah, a mixture that adds texture, sweet nuttiness, earth, salt and a whisper of heat in many contexts. Scatter it over vegetables, salads or fish; strew it on avocado toast, pilafs or eggs; fold it into dips; use it to crust lamb chops; or grind it in a cilantro pesto.

Pistachio Dukkah, $9 for 2.2 ounces, westbourne.com.

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