Joe Biden inauguration live stream – How to watch Joe Biden sworn in as US President

Donald Trump says he won’t attend Joe Biden’s inauguration

Joe Biden will finally take his seat in the White House after months of bitter and dangerous resistance from President Donald Trump. Despite Mr Trump falsely crying election fraud and declaring the outcome a sham, Mr Biden will become the next president after the Congress certified his 270 electoral votes on January 7. Mr Trump’s followers shocked the world some weeks back when they violently stormed the US Capitol building in Washington DC.

Following the fateful events on Capitol Hill, Mr Trump has committed to a peaceful transition of power.

The traditional outdoor inauguration for Mr Biden will go ahead, although the threats of further violence coupled with the Covid pandemic will ensure celebrations are scaled back.

In keeping with tradition, the swearing-in will be held on January 20, expected to begin at 4pm GMT (11am US time).

Mr Biden is expected to deliver his remarks at half-past-four, while the swearing in will take place at 5pm sharp on the steps of the US Capitol building.

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Before assuming office, Mr Biden will be required to take an inaugural oath before taking up presidential duties.

The President-elect and vice-president Kamala Harris will also give interviews to journalists on site.

Prior to Mr Biden’s swearing in, President Trump is scheduled to hold his own event at Joint Base Andrews to mark his departure from the presidency.

Mr Trump has reportedly demanded a full military parade and red carpet event, but it’s yet to be confirmed what the ceremony will entail.

By contrast, the Biden-Harris team has announced celebrations will be “extremely limited” in size, and viewing stands along the parade route have been dismantled.

Following the violence seen on January 6, the entire Washington Mall will be closed to the public for the event, according to the Washington Post.

While the Mall is usually a prime gathering spot for onlookers, this year it will only be open to security personnel and members of the media before reopening on January 21.

The mayor of Washington DC, Muriel Bowser, has extended a public emergency declaration until Thursday, the day after the inauguration.

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This order empowers officials to reduce the hours of operation for business, order people off the street if a curfew is issued, and expend funds as needed to protect public safety, suggesting that city officials have the power to prevent people from gathering for the event.

Following recent events in the city, the National Guard will be on hand after having been mobilised for 30 days from January 6.

On January 18, fears were further heightened when an inauguration rehearsal was interrupted by a false alarm, as plumes of smoke were detected near the Capitol building.

In the rehearsal, spectators were ushered from the west of the Capitol, while officials on site declared it “was not a drill”.

However, it later surfaced that the smoke came from a fire in a homeless shelter approximately one mile away from the Capitol.

How to watch Joe Biden sworn in as President

You will be able to watch the inauguration on TV in the UK.

Both BBC One and ITV will be hosting separate two-hour specials at 4pm on Wednesday, January 20.

Coverage of the inauguration proceedings will also air on Sky News from 4pm and other networks such as CNN, Fox News and MSNBC.

If you’re not able to get to a TV in time, you can stream the inauguration on your phone on BBC iPlayer or the Sky News app or YouTube channel.

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