Vaccine BAN: Germany to stop giving AstraZeneca jab to over-65s in bombshell move

EU's handling of coronavirus vaccine 'criminally insane' says host

German’s vaccine committee made the announcement this afternoon, and said the AstraZeneca vaccine should only be given to people aged under 65. The update to its vaccine recommendation is due to lack of sufficient data to recommend use in older age groups, it said.

The committee said: “There are currently insufficient data available to assess the vaccine efficacy from 65 years of age.

“The AstraZeneca vaccine, unlike the mRNA vaccines, should only be offered to people aged 18-64 years at each stage.”

The group added: “Apart from this limitation, this vaccine is also considered to be equally suitable.”

The European Medicines Agency is expected to make a decision on whether to approve AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine on Friday.

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Germany has already started to vaccinate its population with the Pfizer jab.

The recommendation by the commission could lead to the vaccination regulation in Germany having to be changed.

Currently only people in risk group one are vaccinated, which includes residents and staff of nursing homes, people aged 80 and over and hospital employees at particularly high risk.


Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg

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