Neutrogena’s MaskiD Goes Into Beta Test


Neutrogena’s long-awaited 3D-printed sheet mask, MaskiD, is taking one step closer to launch: The company revealed that it’s now entering a beta test phase.

Unlike typical pre-launch tests, which are often closed, Neutrogena will draw on social media for participants — specifically the “A Look Behind The Bar” Facebook group. Interested parties are encouraged to join the group, where members will be able to sign up. Every week for six weeks, 100 passcodes will be given out to members who register on a first-come, first-served basis.

Selected participants will be able to try out the pre-release product, access Neutrogena experts and offer feedback on the experience. In that way, Neutrogena considers the group as much an incubator as a community.

The company also describes the test as a chance to “take part in shaping the future of skin care personalization,” suggesting the input may inform more than just MaskiD, but also future customized products.

“Skin care is ever-evolving and Neutrogena is leading the charge to educate consumers about the next generation of skin health, which is personalization,” said Logan McGill, marketing director of Neutrogena Skin Tech & Acne Innovation.

The technology underpinning MaskiD is the company’s Skin360 mobile app, which can map the contours of the human face for a bespoke fit, as well as assess the user’s skin care needs to customize the ingredients that go into the hydrogel mask.

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MaskiD relies on the Skin360 mobile app for scanning the face and assessing skin health, for personalizing the 3D-printed sheet mask. Courtesy image

“With just one scan,” McGill added, “Neutrogena Skin360 analyzes over 2,000 facial attributes and with that information can identify the user’s personalized needs through Neutrogena MaskiD.” The tech processes over 100,000 “skin pixels” to analyze the skin’s needs, and then recommends the ingredients will be most beneficial and where they should apply across six facial zones — forehead, eye orbital, nose, cheeks, chin and nasolabial folds.

The ingredients list covers purified hyaluronic acid to support hydrated skin, vitamin B3 to improve discoloration or spots, feverfew for antioxidants that battle redness, neoglucosamine for exfoliation and reduction of fine lines and blackberry complex to smooth wrinkles.

MaskiD, which was first unveiled at CES in 2019, was supposed to roll out much earlier, but the coronavirus pandemic complicated launch plans. That may be just as well, considering it gave the company more time with the product and now, the opportunity to gain feedback from real-world users.

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