Man spots huge spider crawling around quad bike – then it launches itself at him

A man was forced to abandon his tractor when he found a huge spider crawling around the motor before it launched itself at him.

Metui Tongatua took his daughter on a tractor ride while he and his family were taking a holiday in Coolbie, Queensland of Australia.

While filming his journey on his mobile phone, the father noticed a creepy-crawly climbing up to the meter and quickly pulled the machine over.

In the clip he shared on his Instagram, he stops the engine and gets off the quad bike as the massive huntsman spider makes its way to the handles.

When Metui, from Maningrida in the Northern Territory, walks closer to take a clear shot of the arachnid, it suddenly jumps at him.

"Ah, d***, f***ing d***," he yells.

He takes a quick step back and apparently manages to get it off as he brushes his top.

Metui's encounter left viewers horrified. One said: "I would have had a heart attack on the spot!"

Another joked: "He (the spider) wound up and launched with purpose of eliminating you."

Some commented that the terrifying scenes stopped them from visiting Australia.

"I swear every thing down to the plants and birds in Australia can kill you," a viewer wrote. "Very beautiful but such a deadly place."

According to Daily Mail Australia, arachnologist Dr Robert Raven from the Queensland Museum said the vibrations from the quad bike attract spiders at a "rocket speed".

Spiders will gather and behave erratically if the vehicle is an older model and runs on diesel, he explained and added: "We don't know why but spiders will cover your tyres and become stirred up from the engine creating the deep vibrations."

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