Boris told to rip up Brexit deal as Britain waits for EU ratification – ‘Pull plug NOW!’

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The deal between the UK and EU was signed at the end of last year but the bloc only applied the Trade and Cooperation Agreement in order to avoid a hard Brexit. Later this month, MEPs are expected to ratify the trade pact but EU officials have already delayed on a vote, accusing the UK of violating the terms of the deal. The UK has already granted MEPs an extension on the vote, but those minister delayed a vote on the deal after accusing the UK of violating the agreement in relation to the grace period for goods moving between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

Now readers have once again lost their patience with the EU, and told Prime Minister Mr Johnson to rip up the agreement with the EU if the bloc tries to delay ratification any longer.

Our latest poll, which ran from 2.30pm until 10pm on Sunday April 11, asked: “Should Boris Johnson pull plug on the EU deal if the bloc delays ratification again?”

A huge 98 percent (10,234 readers) urged the Prime Minister to pull the plug on the post-Brexit trade deal altogether if the EU once again delays its ratification.

The remaining two percent (211 readers) disagreed, while less than one percent (54 readers) were undecided.

Commenting on our poll, one furious reader wrote: “Boris shouldn’t just pull the plug, he should flush the chain as well and watch the EU slide down the drain.

“We need the clean break we should have had a year ago.”

A second reader commented: “They are trying to hold the UK to ransom and show they have ultimate power.

“Tear the proposed agreement up and we’ll have WTO rules thank you.”

Another person said: This is probably the only solution for Northern Ireland.

“Pull the plug on the whole thing and make various bespoke agreements with out neighbours – like the one on financial services – including those in Dublin.

“The Belfast Agreement is good enough. Let’s use that and ditch the protocol.”

MPs signed off the trade deal in December in order for it to be applied as soon as possible, but the EU has yet to approve the agreement.

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Under the terms of the Brexit deal, both the UK and EU have the power to cancel the trade pact.

This move can be implemented with a year’s notice, although areas such as fisheries have their own termination clauses.

Conservative MP for Clwyd West and deputy chairman of the European Research Group, David Jones has urged the Government to reject any further request to extend the deal and urged them to proceed without ratification from the EU.

He told “Why should they have an extension?

“I mean, I remember coming back to Parliament between Christmas and New Year in order to get the whole process done.

“They’ve had loads of time. What has happened over the past four months has shown that the EU is not really abiding by the spirit of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

“Why have they not ratified it? They’ve had tonnes of time.

“It’s not exactly as if they’re rushed off their feet.

“They had plenty of time to ratify it. So you know, I would think that the best thing that the government can do is to say, ‘no, you’re not having an extension’.”

Former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib had also urged the Government to cancel the deal with the EU amid criticism levelled at the level playing field and fisheries provisions.

He said: “I think the Government, and the future Government if this one won’t do it, should get absolutely ready to terminate the trade agreement.

“We need to get out of the level playing field, the fishing arrangements.

“We also need to get out of the contributions to the European defence fund.”

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