Pug ripped to shreds by out-of-control Staffie with leash trailing behind it

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Harrowing footage shows the moment shoppers desperately tried to save a dog as it was savaged by a crazed mutt in a busy city centre.

In the clip, recorded on April 9 in Wolverhampton, a Staffie-type dog has its jaws clamped around the throat of a little pug while "tossing it around like a rag doll".

Heroic members of the public batter the snarling hound with an umbrella and a wheel board in an attempt to get it to loosen its grip.

But the out-of-control dog refuses to release the defenceless pug from its jaws as it's viciously mauled despite the efforts of bystanders.

The pug, called Gucci, was feared to have died but its owner rushed him to nearby St George's Vets and he miraculously pulled through.

Perita Roumeliotis-Innis, who said Gucci is her sole companion because she lives alone, said she was left "traumatised" by the attack.

Recalling the moment the dog barreled towards her, she said: "I was just walking towards my shop when I heard a scratching noise on the floor.

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"I turned around and saw a dog bounding towards us off the lead with its tail up and I thought, 'this isn't good'.

"I saw a girl standing there talking on her mobile phone but I did not know the dog was hers.

"She didn't seemed too fussed at the time about what was going on.

"Loads of people rushed to help, including several bus drivers who have said they couldn't finish their shift afterwards – everyone thought Gucci was dead.

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"I was terrified. I pulled Gucci's harness but I could not lift him.

"The dog grabbed Gucci by his leg and out of my hands – it kept ragging him from side-to-side.

"I was hysterical – the dog would not let go and I've been so traumatised I'm now seeking help.

"I see it every time I close my eyes. Eventually the dog was pulled free and I rushed him to the vets, I didn't know if he would survive or not."

Perita says the poorly pooch keeps "flinching" and "looks depressed" since the savage mauling.

She said: "I was so worried. It was an absolute bloodbath."

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