Burglar ‘followed victim with iPhone tracker’ after seeing him buy designer item

A man is alleged to have fixed an iPhone to the undercarriage of a car so that he could track the driver’s location and later rob him.

Derrick Maurice Herlong, 38, is accused of choosing the male shopper as he was carrying bags from luxury stores Louis Vuitton and Gucci at the Mall at Millennia, in Orlando, Florida, on February 19.

He and an unidentified accomplice are then alleged to have placed an iPhone on the man’s Lexus car so they could track it using the “Find my iPhone” setting.

A bungled armed robbery then took place at a party that the Lexus owner visited, where two masked men entered and fatally shot one of the guests before making off in the car.

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The dead man has been identified as Jacaris Rozier, 32, and police believe he was an innocent bystander.

Herlong faces charges of second-degree murder with a firearm, home invasion with a firearm, carjacking with a firearm and grand theft, according to court documents.

Prosecutors say that police were able to find Herlong thanks to the iPhone which had been left attached to the Lexus after it was dumped.

Investigators discovered that the iCloud account on the phone belonged to a waitress at a local restaurant who had her handbag stolen a few weeks earlier.

It is alleged that Herlong used the woman’s identity for the iCloud on a new iPhone he bought but police were able to find him as his number was one of the few found on the iPhone.

At Herlong’s home a receipt for the iPhone was found in the woman’s name as well as items that the Lexus owner had bought at the Mall at Millennia on February 19.

Herlong was then arrested but he maintains his innocence.

He could face up to 25 years in jail if convicted of second-degree murder.

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