Evil mum jailed for life after sick abuse killed baby girl she had adopted

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An evil mum whose violent abuse caused her adopted daughter to die from internal injuries has been jailed for life.

The monster, named by courts in South Korea as Jang, stamped on her 16-month-old toddler causing internal injuries and bleeding to the little girl.

The Seoul Southern District Court said the woman had treated her daughter with "unimaginable brutality" and ruled on Friday that the woman internationally harmed little Jung-in, rejecting the defendant's claims that the baby's death was an accident.

The toddler was adopted in February 2020 and died in October of severe abdominal injuries and internal bleeding that were caused by "strong external force," according to an official autopsy.

Signs of prolonged abuse, such as fractured bones and bruises were also found on her body.

The court reported: "It looks like the adoptive mother stamped on the victim's abdomen.

"She could have predicted that impacting another blow to the victim's already damaged abdomen could lead to her death."

It added: "The accused started to abuse the victim habitually about a month after adopting her and caused her death with unimaginable brutality.

"As the accused ruthlessly trampled upon the victim's dignity and honour as a human being, it is only reasonable to separate the accused from society indefinitely."

The woman's husband, surnamed Ahn, was sentenced to five years in prison for child abuse and aiding and abetting Jang's violence toward their adoptive daughter.

The court ruled that Ahn "must have known" what his wife was doing to the baby.

Jang was initially charged with child abuse resulting in death. But prosecutors later added a murder charge after re-evaluating the cause of her death after suspicions arose that Jang might have had an intention to kill the baby or been aware that the girl could die from the beatings.

The nation's police chief has apologised over the agency's botched initial response and inadequate investigation as welfare agencies reported abuse three times.

Outside the court on Friday, protesters were calling the parents "devils" and holding signs demanding the death penalty for both of them.

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