Teacher cleared of misconduct after ‘inappropriate’ Inbetweeners quip to pupil

A teacher sacked for making an "inappropriate" quote from the Inbetweeners comedy series can continue teaching.

German teacher Christopher Harper made the joke to Year 8 students in Kingsdown School in Swindon, Wiltshire, after hearing one pupil's mother was single.

The teaching regulation agency professional conduct panel also heard he formed an "inappropriate" relationship with another pupil, exchanging more than 2,500 emails – with Mr Harper sending 898 of them.

The report said the pupil had become "infatuated" with him but the panel accepted he did not realise this and his intention was to help improve her German writing skills, writes the Daily Mail.

The emails were described as "over familiar" but the panel found no evidence of "malicious or inappropriate motivations".

One allegation occurred after a pupil told Mr Harper their mum was single, after which he said "ooh is she?"

He then admitted saying "if I marry your mum you can finally call me daddy" or words to that effect – a line from Inbetweeners said by Greg Davies' teacher character Mr Gilbert.

The educator, who worked at the school between September 2017 and July 2019, told the hearing the comment had been intended as a joke and was made in reference to the Channel 4 show. He was also found to have commented on pupils parents being single.

He was dismissed from his role at the school and although a misconduct panel deemed the comment 'inappropriate', it concluded that no further sanctions were required.

The panel said the allegation was proven and said that the "extremely naive" teacher had 'exercise poor judgement.'

But it deemed there was a public interest in retaining him in the profession because he was a good teacher, who was "clearly remorseful and showed insight into his failings".

The report said the pupil had been upset given "the personal and offensive nature of the comment which had been made at the pupil's expense and had been an inappropriate comment to make to any pupil".

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