Spoon bender Uri Geller takes credit for another Euros upset after Scotland draw

Barmy spoon bender Uri Geller has taken the credit for another football upset after claiming he inspired Scotland’s draw with England.

The self-proclaimed psychic said he helped Hungary in their shock draw against world champions France, and now he reckons he is so powerful he could have a say in the eventual winner of the tournament.

It comes after he claimed the power of his mind was the crucial factor in the Tartan Army’s 0-0 draw against England at Wembley.

Uri, who has Hungarian heritage insists his assistance was sought by a Hungarian journalist.

He said: “I was asked to help Hungary against France because I am Hungarian.

"From now on I will only help out if the outcome helps England. I started helping footballers when I was just 13 years old in Cyprus.

“I did a lot of secret work for big teams and national teams but I am sworn to secrecy.

“A lot of national coaches don’t want the press to know what I can do.

“I could have a say in who ends up winning Euro 2020. There are supernatural powers at play.”

Scotland shocked England with a 0-0 draw at Wembley on Friday night and mystic Uri insists it was thanks to his meddling.

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The Daily Star tried to thwart him by urging readers to don tin foil hats to deflect his psychic powers.

But Uri had warned it match for his willpower.

After the match the 74-year-old said: "This is a historic moment. First of all I must congratulate the players.

"They were incredible. But I must also congratulate every single one of those Scotland fans who joined with me to make this happen.

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"I honestly believe our collective energies helped. I'm grateful that my superpowers have played a part.

He added: "I wish England all the very best for the rest of the tournament's.

"They have got some real energy behind them. But this was one battle of wills they could not win.''

The result leaves both teams' hopes on a knife-edge.

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Scotland can still qualify for the knockout stages but England face a battle to top the group.

The result delighted 20,000 Scotland fans who ignored police pleas not to travel to London without tickets.

They had spent the day boozing and singing across the capital before clamouring into bars to watch the action unfold.

And they were set to party long into the night after their heroes achieved the first ever goalless draw at Wembley between the two teams.

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