Merchandise by paedophile Rolf Harris is still being sold on Amazon and eBay

Merchandise by paedophile Rolf Harris is still being sold on Amazon and eBay seven years after he was thrown in the slammer for abusing young girls.

A discography of 14 Harris albums are available to buy via Amazon, with sellers flogging the convicted paedo’s Best of Rolf Harris CD for £11.76.

The online retail giant also allows customers to stream his tracks on Amazon Music Unlimited if they pay £7.99 per month.

In a review, one Amazon customer wrote: “He may be disgraced now but he was an icon of that certain era of my life. He was best known for his art, but had got some quirky songs to his name.”

But another raged at Harris, blasting: “Nonce. “Can’t listen to Tie Me Kangaroo Down in the same way ever again.”

A third purchaser added: “Shame he is a degenerate.

“Money should go to his victims.”

Other Harris merchandise being flogged on Amazon includes, Draw Your Own Cartoons with Rolf Harris, a paperback book that’s available for £3.47.

In a blurb that hasn’t aged well, the book states Rolf is “guaranteed to unlock the hidden talents of all ages”.

Elsewhere, Can You Tell What it is Yet?: The Autobiography of Rolf Harris is being sold for £3.42, while his book Beastly Behaviour: More True Animal Tales costs £2.48.

In a further mockery of his victims, eBay is likewise awash with Harris trinkets, paintings, autographs and vinyls.

On Ebay, one seller is auctioning a signed autograph of a grinning Harris, with bids starting at £29.99.

Another plucky seller is trying to flog a sealed Harris painting called Tessa through the Blue Gums for a staggering £450.

A third user in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, is trying to shift a Harris painting entitled Fijian Sunset for a whopping £899.

The value of Harris’ artwork plummeted after his convictions, with collectors clamouring to shift them.

When he was jailed in 2014, art valuer Brenda Colahan reportedly said: “He will lose popularity.

“People buy him because of his celebrity and there will be a decline in interest given people buy for who is.”

There are a slew of other Harris books, signed photos and vinyls being sold on eBay.

Australian-born Harris shot to fame with musical hits such as Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport and also starred in TV shows and gained acclaim as an artist.

The shamed former TV star was jailed in 2014 for 12 indecent assaults relating to four girls between 1968 and 1986.

He released on licence in 2017.

One of the 12 indecent assault convictions was overturned by the Court of Appeal in November 2017.

Amazon did not want to comment while eBay did not respond to requests.

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