WW3 fears as China puts military on ‘high alert’ and issues ‘Doomsday’ warning

World War 3 tensions continue to rise as China threatens Taiwan with "doomsday" and reportedly has soldiers on "high alert".

A week after China vowed to "fight to the death" for control over Taiwan, its state-run newspaper has added that Beijing's military is "ready to fight any time".

China trying to "reunify" with Taiwan could spark a third world war if the West rallies together to defend the island 112 miles from China's coast.

Taiwan broke away from the Communist state for independence in 1949 but now faces an apparently determined President Xi Jinping, who sees reclaiming the island as a huge political victory.

Chinese defence ministry spokesman Tan Kefei told The Global Times that the military is on "high alert" and "ready to fight any time".

America has accused China of destabilising the region with a series of military drills it considers to be a deliberate show of intimidation over Taiwan.

Dozens of warplanes have recorded soaring back and forth over the island's air space as have 'rehearsals of a full scale invasion' been carried out with mass beach landing operations, The Sun reports.

Tan Kefei refuted the allegations yet reiterated that Taiwan belongs to China and everybody else needs to back down and let the 'reunification' happen.

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The spokesman told The Global Times that the US is "confusing white with black" and "external interference" would be beaten back.

Tan also warned Washington to "stop any form of official contact and military relations with the island".

Another article published by the Communist Party's media mouthpiece said that Taiwan faces "doomsday", describing the island's relationship with the US as "the last madness".

The Global Times reported: "The hope of a peaceful solution to the Taiwan question is declining sharply."

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It continued: "The mainland has to consider how to safeguard the national sovereignty of China and resolve the Taiwan question once and for all by force."

The piece quoted President Xi condemning Taiwan for resisting China's attempts to take back control of the island.

Xi said: "Those who forget their heritage, betray their motherland, and seek to split the country will come to no good end," and "they will be disdained by the people and condemned by history."

A blacklist of so-called secessionists has been drawn up by China to bring "very small group of extremists and vicious politicians" in Taiwan to justice, The Global Times reports.

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