‘It’s tiny!’ Nicola Sturgeon’s commitment to climate emergency ridiculed at COP26

COP26: Sturgeon grilled on Scotland’s ‘financial commitment’

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Nicola Sturgeon has been called out over Scotland’s climate commitments by the chief political correspondent for BBC News. Adam Fleming caught up with the Scottish First Minister at the COP26 Summit in Glasgow and dismissed Scotlan’s £2 million financial climate contribution as “tiny!” Ms Sturgeon defended the Scottish Government’s actions to combat global warming and stresses Scotland, though a small country, had shown “leadership.”

Mr Fleming to the SNP leader: “But your 2 million that’s teeny tiny, tiny isn’t it? 

“Less than tiny,” he added.

“Scotland’s a small country, I am not going to pretend otherwise,” replied Ms Sturgeon.

“But sometimes you have to do what you can to show leadership and it’s been warmly welcomed by developing countries, vulnerable countries, NGOs, actually one of the most positive things that’s been talked about around this summit, but that’s part of our overall approach to climate justice.”


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