‘Get a grip!’ Iain Dale clashes with LBC caller who calls Boris ‘the most disgusting man’

Iain Dale shuts down caller after calling PM ‘disgusting’

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Simon from Southampton rang into LBC and unleashed a brutal tirade against Boris Johnson where he attacked his supporters by stating they had been manipulated by him. But Simon went one step further, branding the Prime Minister as a “creature” and an “embarrassment” who only use people to make himself look good. The caller said Boris Johnson was the “most disgusting man” on the planet with Iain Dale wondering if he could be compared to someone like Adolf Hitler.

Speaking on LBC, Simon rang in following Mr Johnson’s disastrous speech to the CBI where he lost his place in his notes and then began speaking about his trip to Peppa Pig World.

Simon focused on a previous caller who backed Mr Johnson and said he had the “weight of the world on his shoulders” and was furious at his support.

The caller exclaimed: “That creature that happens to be our prime minister, who has embarrassed this country who has made us look like a complete joke.

“Has used every single trick in the book to benefit only one person, himself.

“He’s using people like [the caller] to make himself look good and benefit himself, he is the most disgusting man that has ever walked this planet…”

Mr Dale interrupted and pointed out Adolf Hitler was likely more disgusting than the Prime Minister.

Simon replied: “Well, it’s funny you say that because Hitler managed to get all of Germany in his corner, regardless of his methods…”

Mr Dale butted in once more: “So that makes Boris Johnson worse than Hitler does it? Get a grip man!”

Boris Johnson mixes up his notes in CBI keynote speech

Simon clarified he did not make that point but wanted to illustrate how people like Mr Johnson “manipulate” the public into supporting him.

He explained the country was in the “mess” it was in because of the “indoctrination” going on.

Mr Dale remarked it had not worked on Simon who quipped he was “a little bit sharper” to not fall for it.

The radio presenter added the issue was Simon believed he was smarter than everyone else and told him not to exaggerate.

The Prime Minister delivered a divisive speech during the CBI’s annual conference where he spoke with industry heads about green technologies.

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Mr Johnson said the green industrial revolution would happen in the UK who would then have a “first-mover advantage”.

But the speech made headlines for all the wrong reasons after the leader got lost in his notes and spent a long time searching for his place.

He asked the audience to forgive him before eventually finding his place.

Mr Johnson also shared details about his trip to Peppa Pig World which seemed to be part of a wider point about British creativity.

The Prime Minister also made reference to Lenin during his speech and noted it may not be appropriate to discuss communist leaders at the CBI.

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