Mechanic horrified to find dead rat in car after customers complained of smell

A car mechanic has horrified the internet after he shared the moment he discovered a dead rat in a customer's vehicle.

Brock Calvert, who works at a Hyundai dealership, posted a video about his job and shared how he solved the customer's problem.

In a clip viewed more than three million times, the tech reads from the inspection report: "Customer states there is a smell in the vehicle like a dead animal. Please check and advise."

Intrigued to find out if there is a rotting carcass inside the Hyundai Sonata, he removes the two front seats inside the car, the carpet and the board to the extent that the wires are laid bare in front of him.

"Mm, let's take a look around here," Brock says.

"The smell gets stronger down this AC vent."

The expert suspects there might be a dead animal lying somewhere below the air-conditioning unit in at the front, so he slides a mini probe inspection camera.

He shows the monitor and adds: "See down in here, and when the door opens…oh yeah!"

A massive rat carcass lies in the gap right below the "trap door".

"Rodent intrusion also took place throughout the entire interior including underneath carpet and inside trunk and damage to harness," Brock explained, adding that he took apart the car in order to find "all the damage done including harness".

"There's other damage to the car throughout the entire interior including underneath carpets," the pro continues.

"Had I not done that insurance wouldn't be aware."

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Some viewers said the clip had "unlocked a new fear" from them and they would pay attention not to leave any food inside their cars.

One said: "The only time the customer ever got it right."

Brock added: "There were rat droppings in the back of the car and all through out it, as well as other pieces that are chewed on and pissed on."

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