Terrifying ‘zombie shark’ carries on hunting for food despite being half-eaten

A ‘zombie shark’ has been spotted still hunting for prey despite being half-eaten.

Dr Mario Lebrato, 35, who was releasing an oceanic black tip shark into the sea off the coast of Spain, was left stunned as he captured the incredibly rare footage around two metres below the water’s surface.

But as he and his group released the shark, a group of fellow sharks set upon it, inflicting fatal injuries to the unsuspecting black tip, The Sun reports.

According to the scientist, these included several bull sharks, which can weigh up to a whopping 400kg.

Despite the onslaught however and a large portion of its body missing after it had been bitten off, the shark continued to fight for its life and tried to swim away.

Dr Lebtrato explained that the shark struggled for around 20 minutes before eventually succumbing to its injuries.

He said: “Sharks eat sharks, that is well known, but it is super difficult to film and document.”

Earlier this year a great white shark was caught on tape flying through the air to attack its prey.

In the clip, filmed for National Geographic's Big Sharks Rule, the marine predator is skulking under the surface of the water, perfectly camouflaged, when it spots a group of seals.

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The seals try to stick together but eventually get separated and the shark seizes its moment for attack.

Putting on a terrifying turn of speed, the apex predator shoots up from below with its jaws wide open, revealing its hundreds of razor-sharp teeth.

It knocks the seal skywards while crunching down with its powerful bite.

The shark then flies through the air with the seal in its jaws, turning horizontally mid-leap before landing with a huge crash back in the water.

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