UK Weather: ‘Substantial’ snowfall expected to cause ‘hazardous’ travel from FRIDAY

BBC Weather: UK set for cold and wintry showers

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An arctic blast is set to bring in chilling winds and rainy, or showery, outbreaks from the Northwest of Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the North of England by early Friday. Scotland, Northeast England and the southwest of the UK (Cornwall to Southwest Wales) will experience heavier rainfall of one to two inches (25-50 mm).

Winds are expected to tear through the nation as the strongest during this period can reach 50-60 mph (80-100 km/h).

AccuWeather meteorologist Jim Andrews warned these strong winds are likely to cause disruptions.

He told “Winds can be locally damaging to trees and power lines.

“Ferry and bridge crossings may be disrupted, and crosswinds will increase road hazards, especially for high-profile vehicles.”

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Mr Andrews also warned the risk for snowfall is likely to cause “hazardous” upland travel.

He said: “The greatest risk for substantial falls of snow will be for the highlands and uplands of Scotland and the North of England.

“This threat will begin on Friday in Northern Scotland and will wind down early Saturday along the Pennines.

“Upland travel by road can be slow and hazardous owing to snow and ice cover, so travelers should be aware and plan accordingly.”

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“Outside of the snow-prone uplands, localized heavy wintry showers can briefly make for slick roadways and walkways, mainly between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.”

However, the meteorologist continued to state snow will not present “significant hazards” for most in Britain.

Following this wintry blast, the weather throughout the region will continue to be unsettled right through the following week, but is not expected to continue as cold as over the next few days.

The Met Office has warned temperatures are expected to plunge below zero next week following Monday when night temperatures dropped to negative 4C in parts of England.

The Met Office has revealed Arctic winds brought wintry spells across the country and stated snow is forecast to arrive in areas above 600m in Scotland.


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