Sweden elects first-ever female Prime Minister — who quits a few hours later

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Sweden made history yesterday when it elected its first female Prime Minister — but she sensationally quit only a few hours later.

Magdalena Andersson of the Swedish Social Democratic Party was officially confirmed as Prime Minister to a standing ovation in the Swedish parliament on Thursday (November 25).

But she resigned just 7 hours after when her budget bill failed to pass, having not secured the support of the Green Party who were to be the junior coalition partner in her government.

Andersson told the speaker of parliament she now hoped to be appointed prime minister again as the head of a single-party government, which is expected to be able to gain support from other parties.

A quirk of the Swedish political system means that the 54-year-old politician needed to step down to get another go at securing the top job.

Andersson told a news conference: "I have asked the speaker to be relieved of my duties as prime minister

"I am ready to be prime minister in a single-party, Social Democrat government."

After worry in the Scandinavian country over what some have called 'political chaos', it is hoped her entering into a government composed of only one party will spell an end to the instability.

Banking group Nordea commented:

"We expect the Left, Green and Centre parties to abstain in the upcoming vote and therefore effectively approve Andersson as Prime Minister again"

"In other words, the political chaos is over as long as nothing more unexpected happens."

The Green Party said it would support her in any new vote in parliament, despite pulling out of the previous agreement.

While they were unable to agree a budget, all of the main parties in the parliament worked to lock out Sweden Democrats, a populist, anti-immigration party, from having any role in government.

Despite introducing universal suffrage 100 years ago and having firm gender equality laws, many around the world have expressed surprise at the fact that Sweden has never had a female leader.

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