Earth to get giant ‘black box’ that records each step we take toward apocalypse

A new project aimed at securing the future of Earth is being created.

The indestructible “black box” will be built on a granite plain in the west cost of Tasmania in Australia.

Launching early next year (2022), the project is already recording every single aspect of modern human history – mainly through social media and news websites.

Launched by marketing communications company Clemenger BBDO, alongside the University of Tasmania, the idea of the box is to record “every step we take” towards a climate change catastrophe.

It is hoped that, should our current civilisation be destroyed, the box will give future civilisations an idea about the mistakes we have made.

The actual box is bigger than your average single-decker bus, and is made of 3-inch thick steel, topped with solar panels.

The box will encase several storage hard drives, which gather climate-change related data, such as levels of carbon dioxide in the air.

It will also capture average temperatures, too.

Alongside those will be more hard drives collection data from the Internet, using tweets, Facebook posts, news and headlines to create a (hopefully) accurate picture of how we caused our own destruction.

It is hoped that world leaders will hear about the project and change their actions if they know that their every political move is now being recorded.

According to ABC News in Australia, the team behind it predict that the storage capacity will run out in 30 to 50 years, but there are plans to increase it.

The tech experts at CNET did pose several questions to the creators, such as how the solar panels will be replaced before the end of civilisation, and how the hard drives will fare after 30 to 50 years.

They also asked whether or not the box will be protected against potential sabotage or vandalism – but they had not yet received a response to the questions.

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