‘Sexiest Santa’ in the world mobbed by females says ‘women are my biggest fans’

A stylish bloke dubbed the world's sexiest Santa Claus has been stealing hearts across the bond as he breaks with tradition to portray the character as a modern day gentleman.

Paul Mason, better known as Fashion Santa, has been making people hot under the collar ever since he first debuted as the fashion savvy Saint Nicholas during the Christmas period in 2014.

Ever since then, he has been pleasing crowds with his presence in his home country of Canada before taking the United States by storm this year.

But no matter where he goes, there are always flocks of people, mainly women, looking to get a selfie with the sexist Santa in the world.

Paul told the Daily Star: “Do I still get a lot of attention from women? The answer would be yes.

“Last season I had all my numbers or analytics done, it seems women are the biggest supporters of me. I love the attention and the love.

“When I did the selfie with Justin Bieber, I had the mothers and the daughters want to take a selfie with me. I love that. When Fashion Santa becomes a holiday brand I'll have mothers and daughters for generations supporting me. That's amazing.”

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When Paul 57, first jumped on the Santa scene, the social media of Yorkdale Shopping Mall was inundated with comments over Paul.

One user said: "The sexist Santa on the planet! Good job, Toronto!", as another told him to "stay sexy forever".

While another said: "If Santa looked like this, mother's would be writing to Santa a lot more than their kids."

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When asked about people calling him "sexy Santa", Paul said: "Although I don’t believe Santa is sexual, I don't mind people calling me that. I love it.

“Most times when someone can’t remember Fashion Santa they say ‘oh it’s sexy Santa’."

Paul has been extremely busy this festive season in the US so far.

He has been spending this year in New York and Washington in the US with a number of TV appearances, including the Kelly Clarkson show.

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Paul has also been lending his support to charitable causes and recently co-hosted an evening reception for all the donors and volunteers of the Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Centre in Washington.

He said: “Last year because of lockdown, I said to myself, if we come out of this I wanted to change the backdrop or optics of Fashion Santa. NYC does holiday or Christmas like no other. It's magic.

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“I started my trip with little teasers. posts that featured some of the most iconic landmarks or holiday landmarks in NYC. The move was to bring new life to the character. It's been amazing."

Paul has certainly come a long way since his debut back in 2014 at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, Canada.

His idea was sparked through grief by an unfortunate tragedy when his mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away.

Paul had stopped shaving for a year and now looked a little like Santa and with his background already in fashion, he decided to combine the two.

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He said: “I've been all around advertising all my professional life as a model so I saw this skinny/fit Santa as a niche for an alternative Santa.

“Plus this Santa brings awareness to causes and charity initiatives. instead of making toys. It's something that's very important to me and to the legacy of my mother.”

Paul is now looking to take Fashion Santa to the next level by developing the character into a holiday brand for the whole world to enjoy, as well as continuing to become meme worthy and start more fundraising and awareness work for charities.

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He added: “I have a solid meme out there, It pops up every season. It usually comes with the caption, 'Santa on the Keto diet on Tinder after his divorce'. They go from that to really raunchy. Usually, Slay comes up.

“I want to make my first tree ornament with proceeds going to charity. I had the pleasure of hosting an event with the Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Centre in DC this year.

"I would like to expand on that plus I'm speaking currently with a new friend who is very well connected in philanthropy in Toronto. I'd love to start speaking about a Holiday Ball to raise money for Sick Kids.”

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