Tonga eruption LIVE: ‘Nothing tells us what’ll happen next’ experts panic after explosion

Tonga: Satellite images capture moment volcano erupts

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Janine Krippner, a New Zealand-based volcanologist with the Smithsonian Global Volcanism Programme, told Business Live: “When the vent is below water, nothing can tell us what will happen next.” Ms Krippner said they are concerned about the lack of information they have. The eruption was so powerful that space satellites captured ash clouds and an atmospheric shockwave radiated out from the volcano at close to the speed of sound. A British woman is missing after being swept away in the natural disaster on Saturday and up to 80,000 people, there could be affected. Today, The New Zealand Defence Force sent an aircraft to “assist in an initial impact assessment of the area and low-lying islands”.


Urgent search for missing Briton last seen with husband

Angela Glover was declared missing after a tsunami devastated Tonga following a volcanic eruption which triggered shockwaves across the island.

Ms Glover runs an animal shelter in the small country and has now been missing for an estimated 48 hours, her brother said. Although there have been no confirmed casualties, Ms Glover’s brother, Nick Eleini, said he fears for the safety of his sister.

Mr Eleini told The Guardian: “James was able to cling on to a tree for quite a long time, but Angela was unable to do so and was washed away with the dogs, I think four or five dogs.” 

Her brother is now flying to the UK from his home in Sydney to be with their mother.

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