‘Can’t afford the EU anymore!’ Irexit activist slams Brussels drain on Dublin Exchequer

Hermann Kelly slams financial burden of EU

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Irexit campaigner Hermann Kelly has slammed the financial burden Brussels has placed on Ireland as Dublin begins counting the cost of European Union membership. The President of the Irish Freedom Party believes that Ireland can no longer afford to remain in the bloc now the country has moved from being a recipient to a net contributor to the EU budget. 

Mr Kelly told Express.co.uk: “Ireland’s been a net contributor to the EU budget since [2014]

“Last year, the last three years our contribution is over 2.5 billion euro our net contribution, roughly 700 million euro per year to the EU budget, for the EU recovery fund Ireland, we are receiving roughly 1 billion euro back.

“But to get that we have to get that liability of 18.7 billion that’s the worst deal that any country in Europe got.

“And there are very rich and fertile marine waters Ireland, with 200 nautical miles west and south of Ireland, are plundered each year by EU boats from Spain and France and Portugal etcetera and Irish fishermen are left for the last 50 years, with only 15 percent of the catch in Irish waters.”

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“So I believe, especially with the carbon tax regime that has been imposed on Ireland by the EU that is now ordinary people are between them are having to pay 3 billion a year in carbon tax.

“At the same time because of the EU influence on the OECD and the corporate tax regime, Ireland will be losing two or 3 billion euro a year in corporate tax.

“So I don’t believe that we can afford the EU anymore.

“We are a very heavily indebted country we have a public debt of I believe 64 billion euro that’s 50,000 euro per man, woman, and child in the country, so we are very heavily indebted.” 

Brexit: Poots orders halt to checks at Northern Ireland ports

“So I don’t believe we can afford the EU and I believe on financial terms alone, irrespective of politics and stuff like that there, that we are better off out of the European Union.”

It comes as disagreement over the Brexit protocol boiled over after Stormont’s Agriculture Minister ordered a halt to agri-food checks at Northern Irish ports.

Ireland’s Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney branded the decision to halt Northern Ireland Protocol checks as a “breach of international law”.

DUP minister Edwin Poots said on Wednesday evening that he had ordered officials to end the checks by midnight.

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Speaking in the upper house of the Irish parliament, Mr Coveney said: “If a political decision is taken by a minister in Northern Ireland to stop all checks in ports on goods coming across the Irish Sea, coming into Northern Ireland, that is effectively a breach of international law.

“And I would remind everybody that the protocol is part of an international agreement.

“It was agreed and ratified by the UK and the EU. And its implementation is not only part of an international treaty, but it is part of international law and so to deliberately frustrate obligations under that treaty I think would be a very serious matter indeed.

“It’s essentially playing politics with legal obligations. And I certainly hope that it doesn’t happen, as has been threatened.”

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