‘Yearning for a return to communism!’ Emily Thornberry’s Covid dating rules ridiculed

O'Sullivan reacts to Thornberry’s comments on unvaccinated

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TalkRADIO host Kevin O’Sullivan mocked Emily Thornberry, telling his audience that any hopes anyone may harbour of dating her will be for nought if they did not get the vaccine. The Labour MP warned potential admirers that she wouldn’t even consider them unless they are inoculated, saying she “wouldn’t go out with someone who wasn’t vaccinated.” Mr O’Sullivan aimed a hilarious dig at Ms Thornberry saying that her irrevocable decision comes as a major blow to many and there are currently six million unjabbed people in this country.

He took aim at her derogatory words, claiming that all she is crying out for is a return to the days of communist regimes in Russia and China.

He let rip at Ms Thornberry and criticised dating websites for “apparently” making it mandatory for anyone to show proof of vaccination before they are allowed to subscribe and start chatting with other people.

Mr O’Sullivan said: “Emily Thornberry, the Labour MP, or Lady something, rather, isn’t she? She is one of those Labour aristocrats.

“She was on the ITV’s Peston programme the other day where she told Robert Peston that…well this might be good news for any of you in the dating game Emily Thornberry won’t go out with you unless you’ve been vaccinated!

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“So if you haven’t been vaccinated the good news is…Emily Thornberry won’t go out with you and she says that’s because you’re selfish, you’re selfish!

“So if you make a choice about your own body that you don’t want to be injected, she says, typical Labour, you should forget about yourself and think about what the state has ordered you to do, think about the community, not yourself.

“That’s where she stands.”

He continued: “But in the dating game apparently all the websites now you have to put your vaccine status on your application forms.

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“So people know whether or not you’ve been jabbed.

“Is that we want? It’s like a divided society.

“I think this website should stop that right away and should not be involved in this and Emily Thornberry is she right that if you decide not to get vaccinated [then she won’t date anyone]?

“And don’t forget there’s something like six million people in this country made that very decision including doctors and nurses in the NHS as we know!”


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But Mr O’Sullivan has always reiterated his stance against the mandatory vaccine, saying that the choice should not be enforced on people.

He said: “Everyone is right to make that decision. I would contend it is not selfish, it is a personal choice and just because the state is telling you to do something, thank God at this stage in British history, you don’t have to do what the state tells you!”

Before he aimed a parting shot at Mrs Thornberry, urging her to go about her own business.

“Emily clearly yearns for a situation like 1970s East Germany or something where you didn’t do what the state tells you God knows what would happen to you.

“She yearns for Communist Russia, Communist China. I mean get off, leave us alone!

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