Brit lad, 11, catches massive fish almost as heavy as him to break world record

An 11-year-old boy bounced away in disbelief after reeling in a fish almost as heavy as him.

Callum Pettit was stunned to find a 6st 8lbs beast had chomped down on his bait, during a fishingholiday with his dad and pals in France.

It was only when a trio of men heaved 'Big Girl' from the murky water to the river's surface that the group clocked just how incredible a catch it was.

The giant common carp that could not resist a taste of some special banoffee-flavoured bait, was so big that Callum from Ashford, Kent now holds a world record for a junior angler.

Dad Stuart Pettit, 40, said: “He played the fish for about 20 minutes, slowly pulling it up and winding it towards him.

"We didn’t have any idea of the size of it until we got it into the net.

“It is a once-in-a lifetime fish and Callum caught it aged 11.”

With it all filmed on camera, Stuart shared the catch on Facebook which shows Callum running from the water in disbelief, jumping up and down with his hands on his head.

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Callum who weighs 7st 2lb said: “I couldn’t believe how big it was and my arms were really aching.”

He sprung into action from his tent at 6am when his rod alarm signalled he had a bite.

Stuart’s GoPro footage shows a team effort followed to take a closer look at what they decided to name 'Big Girl'.

Callum's previous biggest catch was a 29lb mirror carp. He can be heard saying in the video: “That’s massive, Dad.”

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Only a few common carp ever caught tip the scales further, with the overall record standing at a whopping 7st 2lbs.

Stuart proudly wrote on Facebook: "It’s been the holiday of a lifetime and this was just an amazing experience as dad, seeing his own son bank a once in a life time fish. Proud dad doesn’t cover it and it’s something that will be with us both for the rest of our lives."

"Still seems a dream but what a mega moment I’ll always cherish. To have it on film and to be able to relive the experience is even better."

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