Sick killer said brutal murder of teen Bobbi-Anne McLeod ‘cured depression’

Ted Bundy-obsessed killer Cody Ackland said the brutal killing of teenage student Bobbi-Anne McLeod "cured his depression."

Today (Thursday, May 19), the sick 24-year-old indie musician was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the killing of the 18-year-old, who was travelling to see her boyfriend when sick Ackland pounced.

Ackland murdered Bobbi-Anne on November 20, 2021 after encountering her waiting by a bus stop near to her home in Leigham in Plymouth, Devon.

He pulled over and attacked the stranger with a hammer, hitting her from behind before driving her to Dartmoor and delivering the final fatal blows.

The psychiatric report of the killer was described as "disturbing reading," and he spoke of how the murder had rid Ackland of his feelings of depression, Plymouth Live reported.

In his confession to police, he claimed Ms McLeod could still walk after he attacked her at the bus stop, although he had to support her, when they arrived at a secluded beauty spot he took them too – and she had told him “I’m scared”.

He claimed he had replied: “So am I, I have never done this before”.

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Describing the moments after he battered his victim with a hammer, he said he was impressed she was still breathing after several blows.

He told police: "It's not funny but she started to make a noise and I thought ''f****** hell, wow, I mean hats off to her''."

Ackland's sickening internet search history before his predatory attack included: 'Ted Bundy dead victim bodies', 'Fred West' and 'Ukrainian serial killer bodies'.

Richard Posner, for the Crown Prosecution Service, told the court how Ackland had "disturbing and dark" images on his phone from horror films, showing a "deep rooted fascination in death".

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