‘Absolute mess!’ Sturgeon branded ‘worst thing that ever happened to Scotland’ over record

Furious LBC caller blasts Nicola Sturgeon over 'absolute mess'

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LBC’s caller Mary from Edinburgh erupted into a furious rant over Nicola Sturgeon’s and her SNP party’s “absolute mess” over Scotland’s downgraded education system, the NHS crisis and her second independence bid. A report by the Legatum Institute’s Centre for UK Prosperity found last year that Scotland has the worst education system in the UK, with only 71 percent of Scottish primary students leaving school with the expected literacy level. As for the NHS, Scottish Conservatives have repeatedly pointed fingers at the SNP’s “wasteful management” of the workforce and warned of extreme staff shortages that, according to the Royal College of Nursing and Royal College of Radiology, is “threatening patient safety.”

In a tirade on LBC, Mary said: “Well, first and foremost, Nicola Sturgeon is the worst thing that ever happened to Scotland, the SNP in fact. Scotland is an absolute mess. The SNP have been in charge for nearly 14 years now. Scotland is an absolute mess. 

LBC’s radio host Nick Ferrari asked: “In what way is it a mess?”

Mary said: “Our schools, our education. We used to have the best education in the world. It’s an embarrassment now. An absolute embarrassment.

“And I’ll tell you something, we are fed up as well people telling the Scots how we voted. I’ll tell you, I’m British. I’m a Brexiteer. And I’m a Tory. And the United Kingdom voted to go out of the European Union. We did not vote individually. We voted as a United Kingdom.”

Nicola Sturgeon has been using Scotland’s Brexit vote to justify the need to gain independence and garner pro-EU supporters’ votes.

A majority of Scots – 62 percent of them – voted for the UK to remain in the European Union while the rest of the Union voted by a slim majority of 1.59 percent to leave it, bringing Scotland to also exit the EU.

Nicola Sturgeon has been tapping into people’s frustration at the Brexit vote to rally support behind her bid to gain independence from the United Kingdom.

“We are now faced with a hard Brexit against our will, at the worst possible time in the middle of a pandemic and economic recession,” Ms Sturgeon said on the SNP’s website two days after the UK pulled out of the European Common Market and Customs Union in January 2021.

However, since the first referendum held in 2014, she has so far failed to get Westminster’s green light to hold a referendum on Scotland’s independence. Both Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his predecessor Theresa May have refused to accede to her referendum demands.

Without Westminster’s approval, Nicola Sturgeon fears the outcome of the vote will not be officially recognised by the UK and EU countries.

She filed a request through section 30 of the Scotland Act to transfer powers – usually reserved to Westminster – to the devolved Scottish Parliament to hold one legally.

But facing Boris Johnson’s resistance, she said Tuesday upon launching her referendum bid that she would create a legal judicial pathway.

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“I will set out a lawful way forward without a section 30 of that is what is required”, Ms Sturgeon said at a press conference announcing Scotland’s second referendum.

The details of that plan remain unclear. If Scotland gained independence, Nicola Sturgeon said, it would then re-join the European Union.

LBC’s caller Mary then said: “And as far as I know, Scotland is still part of the United Kingdom. And we need to get rid of the SNP because they’re spoiling Scotland. They really are. They actually ruin us.”

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