Galloping alpaca causes traffic chaos in city centre dash for freedom

An escaped Alpaca on a rampage caused untold chaos by galloping along a busy city street during a daring attempt at a bid for freedom.

Shoppers in Birmingham were confused at the unusual sight of the crazed animal slaloming in-between cars in the city centre.

Named Angel, she had escaped from the school field nearby, having jumped over a fence earlier this month.

And it even took time to pose with coppers who caught it later.

Owner Anji Barker joked that it had been “going on a jolly" along the bustling street on June 2.

Anji, who runs the charity Newbigin Community Trust, said: "Angel escaped from one of three fields we keep her in by jumping over a fence while she was pregnant.

"She pretty much went straight through a bush and off she went for a jolly up the Soho Road. Maybe she was looking for a Jubilee party.

"I was really frightened at the time because it is such a busy road with lots of people and lots of cars, anything could have happened to her.

"She was trotting along without a care in the world. It must have been quite a sight.

"Luckily police and members of the community were able to corner her quite quickly and I was able to get her back home 15 minutes after she escaped.

"We have three alpacas and we mainly take them into schools and use them for animal therapy.

“We are small charity with very little but we can reassure people that our animals are extremely well looked after.

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"She is used to the busy city streets as well as I take her for a walk sometimes, if she had lived in the countryside this would have been terrifying for her.”

Witness Hannad Bare, 23, was on his way to have his hair cut when he captured the unusual scenes unfolding on his mobile phone camera.

Hannad, who works for Mercedes Benz and lives in Birmingham city centre, said: "I couldn't believe me eyes, I thought I was seeing things at first.

"It was truly bizarre, I can't even figure out where it had come from. You expect to see them in the countryside but not in the middle of Birmingham.”

West Midlands Police confirmed the alpaca was safely reunited with its rightful owner.

A force spokesperson said: "We were called 12.45pm to Soho Road and helped reunite the animal with its owner."

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