‘Kidnapped’ Ukrainians used as ‘cannon fodder’ by Russia against own country

"Kidnapped" Ukrainian conscripts are reportedly being forced to man Russian frontlines as "cannon fodder" against their own country.

A wounded Ukrainian fighter has claimed that separatists in the Donbas are being sent on "suicide missions" on Vladimir Putin's behalf, with next to no military training and outdated weapons.

Speaking to The Telegraph, soldier Serhii added that the kidnapped separatists seemed to be "high on something" whilst launching frontal attacks against Ukrainian positions on foot.

This, in turn, forces Kyiv's soldiers to fire on their own countrymen, exposing their positions to the Russians.

Serhii said: "They literally don’t have helmets or armoured vests, and they are being sent to provoke us to start firing.

"We just kill them like pieces of meat, but then the [drones] detect us and know our position and they start shelling exactly where we are at that moment.

"I really have the impression that they are high on something, because I just can’t understand how people without any armour just walk straight at us."

Authorities in Kyiv say they are losing around 200 men a day in the Donbas, where Russian artillery strikes continue to rain down.

They also claim that Putin is losing men at a similar rate.

As of today (June 16), Ukraine puts the total amount of Russian forces killed since the invasion began at 32,950, with 1,449 tanks, 213 planes and 3,545 armoured personnel vehicles destroyed.

As such, Putin has been forced to send conscripts into Ukraine, seemingly now kidnapping Ukrainians to supplement the ranks.

Although there are suggestions that Russian forces are now gaining territory in the East, Putin's army has suffered far greater losses than was anticipated after he launched the "special military operation" on February 24.

Despite almost encircling Kyiv in the early days, Russia was forced to pull back and focus on the South and East of Ukraine.

Mercenaries from the feared Wagner Group, Chechen forces under the command of warlord Ramzan Kadyrov, and eventually Syrian fighters were all called in to bolster the invasion effort.

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