Starmer has ‘failed miserably’ to unite MPs as Labour ‘will not win’ says party donor

Keir Starmer ‘has failed miserably’ says Len McCluskey

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The Labour Leader has been criticised for failing to unite members of his party as Len McCluskey claimed Sir Keir Starmer would lose a future general election. Mr McCluskey, who served as general secretary for major Labour donor Unite the Union, claimed Sir Keir would not be able to lead the party to victory. The former Unite general secretary had previously expressed his backing for ex-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn but did not express the same level of support for Sir Keir. Mr McCluskey argued the opposition would struggle to gain traction against Boris Johnson as many voters still do not understand what Sir Keir stands for as the Labour party has failed to outline a clear and costed policy plan.

LBC host Andrew Marr asked: “Give me your assessment, as fairly as you can, of Keir Starmer as a leader now.”

Mr McCluskey replied: “Well, I don’t think he is a good leader.

“The thing about Keir is his greatest asset at the moment, of course, is Boris Johnson and the constant shooting in the foot and behaviour of the Prime Minister is extraordinary. 

“It seems to me that Keir, who wanted unity to be his most important thing, has failed miserably in that, we have a divided party.”

Mr McCluskey suggested the greatest driver of support for the Labour party in recent months had been the chaotic performance of the Prime Minister rather than the appeal of Labour party policy.

He asserted that public distaste for Boris Johnson would not be enough to secure an opposition victory in future elections as the former Unite general secretary voiced doubt in Sir Keir’s ability to secure votes.

He continued: “It also seems to me that his team around him have taken a view that says let’s say nothing about anything. 

“Let’s not talk about policies because we might get asked by the media to cost them.”

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Mr McCluskey added: “The reality is, of course, at the moment, if there was a general election even next week with all the unpopularity of the Government and, in my opinion, it won’t come until late next year, we will not win. Keir will not win.”

Mr Marr asked: “At the moment, do you think Labour is going to lose?”

The former Corbyn supporter agreed: “I do, I honestly do.

“We have to win back our red wall seats, our heartland – he won’t do it because at the moment nobody knows what Keir stands for, his vision, or what Labour stands for.”

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Mr McCluskey suggested potential Labour supporters would be reluctant to get behind Sir Keir as the Leader has not outlined a clear policy plan for a possible Labour Government.

Without a costed and confident plan to address the economic crisis, among other key political concerns, Labour is unlikely to receive the support needed to oust the Conservatives from power.

Given his previous position as head of Unite the Union, a huge Labour affiliate, Mr McCluskey’s criticism of Sir Keir is telling of how staunch Labour supporters view the party Leader.

Despite his avid support for former Labour candidate Jeremy Corbyn, Mr McCluskey did not share the same favour for the new opposition leader.

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