Russian forces bested by goat after tripwire grenade trap injures 40 troops

Ukrainian troops have found themselves an unlikely ally in the form of an heroic goat that injured 40 Russian troops with a grenade trap.

The accidental hero kid triggered a series of tripwires that had been planted by Russian military officials, inadvertently injuring the 40-strong squadron with their own grenades.

Russian soldiers were seemingly outwitted by the goat after the pinned grenades and tripwires around the perimeter of a hospital in the Zaporizhzhia region were blown up in their faces.

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Ukraine's Chief Intelligence Directorate alleges that a total of 40 Russian invaders have been injured because of the attack after their tripwires backfired when trodden on by the goat.

While the Chief Intelligence Directorate did not reveal whether the goat was an undercover Ukrainian spy, they did say that the goat had moved in and "disposed of" several grenades in the area, leading to a chain reaction.

That series of explosions led to the wounding of a squadron of Russian soldiers, with varying degrees of injury reported.

While Russian troops set up booby traps and explosive devices around the perimeter of a hospital, a goat from a neighbouring farm headed over and accidentally disposed of the devices.

It is currently unknown whether or not the goat survived the blasts, Pravda reported.

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But it's not the first strange animal encounter to come out of the war in Ukraine, with veterans heading into a bombed-out zoo to save a pack of hungry lions.

A group of former soldiers had headed into the zoo to rescue nine starving lions, Daily Star reported.

All nine lions, which included two adult males, five females and a male and female cub were rescued from the enclosure and brought to pastures new.

The team behind the exfiltration aimed to release the wildlife into South Africa or at a wildlife sanctuary in the US.

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