Margaret Thatcher voted Britain’s best Prime Minister over Boris Johnson – ‘no contest!’

Liz Truss is a 'Margaret Thatcher tribute act' says Taylor

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Margaret Thatcher, the late former Prime Minister, who led Britain in the 1980s, was seen as a revolutionary yet controversial figure who transformed Britain’s economy and destroyed the country’s industrial communities. She was the longest-serving British Prime Minister of the 20th century and was nicknamed the “Iron Lady”.

Now, the Conservative Party faces electing a new Prime Minister. Party members begin voting on Monday, August 1, to decide on Boris Johnson’s successor – Foreign Secretary Liz Truss or former Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

Ahead of this, asked readers who they thought was the best Prime Minister in the past 40 years. 

In a poll that ran from 10am on Friday, July 22, to 8am on Monday, August 1, asked readers: “Who was Britain’s best Prime Minister in the past 40 years?” 

In total, a whopping 9,654 people responded with the majority of readers, 55 percent (5,320 people), agreeing Ms Thatcher was Britain’s best Prime Minister. 

A further 34 percent (3,301 people) thought outgoing Prime Minister Mr Johnson was the best.

Meanwhile, some six percent (605 people) supported Tony Blair as the best Prime Minister. 

In addition, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Theresa May each received one percent of the votes with 139, 82 and 55 votes respectively. 

John Major was the least popular with just 48 votes and some 104 people said they did not know. 

Hundreds of readers shared their thoughts on who was the best leader in the comments below the accompanying article.

Many readers agreed that Ms Thatcher was Britain’s best Prime Minister with one, username FoxyStar writing: “Thatcher, no contest.”

Likewise, username xJonjo said: “Thatcher, without the slightest doubt.” 

Username YeahWho said: “There is no one who could compete with Magaret Thatcher. She had a strength of character no one can match.” 

And username castlelord10 wrote: “Margaret Thatcher was the best Prime Minister full stop.”

Meanwhile, some readers argued that Mr Johnson was the best Prime Minister. 

Username col47 said: “Thatcher has sadly passed but the best of the living PMs is Boris by a country mile.” 

Username knitfc78 said: “Boris was a good PM who has been through Brexit, the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, he is popular with the electorate and won the conservatives a huge majority.” 

Others commented that it was a close contest between Ms Thatcher and Mr Johnson.


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Username Impi said: “Tight between Maggie and Boris, but Boris gets it considering the cr*p he had to deal with and get through.” 

While username paddy47 said: “Put Boris, but toss-up between Maggie and Boris. Both acted when the country was in crisis.” 

And username imppy55 said: “There are only two that are worth even considering and that’s Boris and Maggie.” 

Ms Truss and Mr Sunak’s fate is to be decided by around 160,000 Tory members in a postal ballot.

Chair of the 1922 Committee Sir Graham Brady said a new Prime Minister will be announced on September 5.

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