Infamous adult star in 2,000 films now ‘senile zombie’ who can barely spell name

A porn star who was once one of the industry’s biggest names has had a dramatic fall from grace and is so "senile" he can barely spell his own name.

Ron Jeremy was one of the most prolific porn stars the world has ever seen, shooting more than 2,000 films and holding the Guinness World Record for “most appearances in adult films”.

But the adult actor has since been charged with allegations of rape and sexual assault by a number of women. Jeremy has pleaded not guilty and has denied all the allegations against him. He is currently awaiting trial.

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Now, a Channel 4 documentary Porn King: The Rise and Fall of Ron Jeremy has tracked the 69 year-old’s fall from grace, with allegations that his health had deteriorated in recent years.

In one scene, former porn star Alana Evans suggested that as Ron’s health became worse, his alleged offences increased in tandem.

“Ron was totally senile,” Alana suggested. “As Ron’s health, his cleanliness, his mental state deteriorated, his behaviour got worse.”

In another scene, Ron could be seen getting confused at the prospect of even signing his own name, asking: “Jeremy right? J-E-R-E-M-Y?” before scrawling illegibly.

“He was a zombie, he could barely talk,” Alana added. “A lot of the time he wouldn’t be super coherent, but still creepy Ron.”

The porn star is currently in jail awaiting trial, but footage of his apartment during later years showed the porn star’s living quarters in a barely habitable state.

Narrating the footage, Ron’s long-time personal assistant Moss Krivin reminded viewers that the scene was the porn star’s home and not a storage container.

“I think Ron’s tendency to hoard things was very indicative of someone in a state of mental decline. Ron’s condo was a disaster,” he added.

In fact, Moss claimed that his boss had even urinated all over his stuff during a hotel stay.

“One time, there was a jacuzzi in the room, he was trying to urinate into the jacuzzi, and he missed,” he recalled.

“I later found out when I was checking out that it went all over my personal toiletries, I threw everything out because it stank.

“Ron didn’t care about urinating all over my stuff, he never thought of any consequences for anything that he did. I’m like, ‘Ron, don’t turn into the stereotype of the dirty old man’, which is of course exactly what he was.”

Ron Jeremy’s lawyers say he is not mentally competent to stand trial. He is currently in jail while he is evaluated by medical experts.

The former porn star has denied all allegations of sexual assault.


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