Where North Koreans go on holiday from ski slopes to riding ostriches at farms

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Residents of dictatorship North Korea are a tad strapped for holidaying excursions, and have resorted to riding birds and visiting waterfalls.

While some of these destinations under the watchful eye of North Korean despot Kim-Jong Un will give Center Parcs a run for their money, they are not the sun, sand and sea usually sought out by holidaymakers.

Less-than stellar-looking beaches as well as incredibly small waterfalls mark a handful of holiday destinations for North Korean residents.

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But they do have the benefit of ostrich riding pens, which marks one popular hotspot for North Korean residents looking to stretch their legs with a few days of rest and relaxation.

Ostrich farms that let visitors ride, buy and even eat the ostriches are open to foreign tourists should westerners fancy a holiday excursion to North Korea.

The usual additions of museums and swimming pools were also seen to be on offer, including Munsu Water Park in North Korean capital Pyongyang.

Munsu Water Park was reportedly a pet project of North Korean despot Kim Jong Un, NK News reported.

North Korea is also home to a number of non-water based parks including the Kaesong Fun Fair, which expanded its tourism package to include tours of the capital in 2017.

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Ski resorts were also spotted in use, with tourists heading to the Masikryong Ski Resort, which is reportedly only available to the richer, more affluent members of North Korea.

Rimyongsu Waterfall is also available to those holidaying in the dictatorship, with the waterfall near to Samjiyon available as well as Pakyon Falls near Kaesong.

Entire work units, factories or institutes are said to holiday to the latter destination, which features a large pool of water and a rather feeble-looking waterfall spritzing down the side of the rocks.

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Beach destinations and volleyball games also provide a bit of rest and relaxation to those in North Korea, with Pi Island providing a hotspot for North Koreans.

Due to domestic travel restrictions, reaching the volleyball court and beach destinations of Pi Island proves rather difficult for those that don't live near the coast.

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