Decapitated heads found next to bodies in region ravaged by cartel violence

Two decapitated heads have been found alongside their corpses in a region of Mexico ravaged by drug cartel violence.

The gruesome discovery was made in the state of San Luis Potosí yesterday morning (Wednesday, September 28) on a road between the towns of Borregos and Rancho Tanque Tenorio.

The bodies were reportedly found by a lady after she'd dropped her children off at school. She made the call to emergency services at around 8.00am.

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Grisly images of the victims (which we have decided to blur) show that they were handcuffed before being killed and wrapped in plastic bags.

Police say that they both showed traces of severe torture.

Authorities were deployed to carry out a security operation in the area. The state's Prosecutor's Office is currently investigating the murders.

José Luis Ruiz Contreras, the State Attorney General, did not rule out the possibility that the deaths were in response to an attack last Monday (September 19) in the nearby town of La Pila, where three people including a minor were killed.

Brutal murders and suspected cartel activity are not new in San Luis Potosí.

In June this year, the brutalised corpses of seven men were discovered in the state's Huasteca region.

A message next to their bodies read "this is what happened to me for working with the Gulf", in reference to the Gulf Cartel.

It was signed by "Valles Operation OB" meaning Operativa Bélica, an armed wing of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) – considered by many to be Mexico's most dangerous drug trafficking organisation.

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Before that, the CJNG hung up a banner in San Luis Potosí City with a warning to those who work for rival trafficker Alfredo Alemán.

"Just so that you’re all aware, the purge has begun," it read in part.

That same month the Old School Zetas, a splinter group of the original Los Zetas, warned “the purge continues” in a similar threat that month.

According to InSight Crime, the Old School Zetas, the Talibanes and a Gulf Cartel splinter group known as Grupo Sombra Special Forces all operate in the state.


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