Brit captured by Russians in Ukraine tells of horrific extent of Russian torture

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A Brit captured by Russian troops has told of the torture he suffered at the hands of President Vladimir Putin's men.

Dylan Healy, along with fellow Brit Paul Urey, was captured while on an aid mission in Ukraine.

And speaking to The Sunday Mirror, Healy has told how the pair were both ordered out of their cars and forced to kneel by the side of a road with a gun pointed at their heads.

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“All he had to do was pull the trigger and we were gone – we were completely silent,” he recalled.

“He asked us if we had any last words and we said no.

“Then he fired a shot into the mud in the middle of the two of us.”

The pair survived the initial ordeal, but Paul, 45, was killed while in captivity in his cell, with Kremlin sources claiming it was due to “stress and medical reasons”.

Dylan, a former chef, was taken with Paul to a facility in Mariupol, and was subjected to days of torture by the infamous FSB, which is Russia's federal security service.

He said: “They shouted at you if you slept – they waterboarded me.

“They put me on a table, put a rag in my mouth and poured water in until I was choking.

“They wanted to know how we’d got behind the lines and why – and if we were British spies.

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“There were regular beatings, every day – they had old-style police batons and my ribs were broken.

“The Russians have a love of Tasering, they had these long prongs which they put in your skin.”

They were then taken to Donetsk – which Putin formerly annexed earlier this week – and placed in a cell which Dyland describes as being the size of a mattress.

But strangely, they were forced to listen to extremely loud heavy metal music by German band Rammstein, and US metal groups Slipknot and AC/DC.

The volume was so loud that it “broke the speakers”.

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The torture music featured the same 63 songs on a loop lasting just four hours, which helped Dylan to keep track of time.

He was there four two weeks, before being taken to another prison in Makiivka – there, they were allowed toothbrushes and to watch football.

On July 8, Dylan was charged with “mercenary activities”, given a 14 year jail term and told he would face the death penalty.

However, he was taken to a room of armed guards and told to sign a confession to “minimise risk to ourselves”.

But that didn't stop the beatings.

On the way back to their jail, Paul was pulled out of the police van, and that was the last Dylan saw of him alive.

“They did something to make him scream for 10, 20 seconds,” he recalled.

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“I don’t think I’ll ever hear someone scream like that again – that was the last time I saw Paul alive.”

Dylan – and four others – were taken back to court on August 15.

He changed his plea to not guilty, which didn't help matters.

He was then “cuffed, bagged and gagged” and thrown into another van with many other people inside – including fellow Brits John Harding, Shaun Pinner, Aiden Aslin and Andrew Hill

He said: “I was given the best right hook to the face I have ever received in my life.

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“I thought we would end up in a ditch or mass grave somewhere.”

However, the next thing he knew, alongside four other Brits, he was taken out of the van and onto a Russian airstrip where Saudi Arabian representatives told them that they'd be safe.

Alongside former Chelsea boss Roman Abramovich, they were flown to Saudi, then on to Heathrow, and he is now a free man.

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