‘We knew Elon Musk’s Twitter plans would go off the rails,’ ex staffer claims

One of tech billionaire Elon Musk's former Twitter staffers has opened up about the reported chaos that has enveloped the firm since he bought it.

Musk's start to life as Twitter owner, having bought the site for nearly £38billion, has been a whirlwind due to the many changes he made within days of taking over.

And thousands of staff were either made redundant, sacked or walked out.

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One of those who did the latter was Yoel Roth.

He was in charge of Twitter's site integrity – and was seen by many as one of the most important men working for the social media site.

But he walked out earlier this month, and has now opened up about what he says happened.

Speaking about Musk's infamous £6.99 paid verification plan, which he said he warned Musk was not a good idea, he said: “It went off the rails in exactly the ways that we anticipate.

“The problem was in the way it was thought out and the way it was implemented.

“There weren't the safeguards needed in place to address it up front.

“By the time I chose to leave, even if I spent all day every day trying to avert whatever the next disaster was, there were going to be ones that got through – and Twitter Blue verification got through over written advice prepared by my team and others at Twitter.

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“We knew what was going to happen, it was not a surprise and it failed in exactly the way we said it would.”

The comments came during an in-depth conversation with host Kara Swisher during a talk for the Knight Foundation about democracy in the digital age.

And despite almost everyone at Twitter telling the Telsa founder not to go ahead with the new paid scheme, he did it anyway.

And Roth added that Musk has to be “accountable” for those bad decisions.

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Roth continued: “It happened because he willed it to happen…and you can't distort the reality of what happens on Twitter.

“However it was made, by whomever it was made, it was a bad decision and it was made against expert advice.

“When you call yourself 'chief twit' you're accountable for the decisions whether they're good or bad.”

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