Cyclist’s surprise after yelling ‘get out the f***ing way’ to unmarked cop car

An unlucky cyclist who fumed “get out of the f***ing way” at a car after it drove into a bus and bike lane was shocked when the driver pulled him over and explained he had just yelled at an unmarked police car.

The bloke, who was travelling with two small kids through London, quickly apologised to the cop and admitted he had no idea he had just yelled abuse an officer.

But the unforgiving policeman wasn’t happy and accused him of breaking the law with a public order offence for using foul language in front of youngsters.

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The fuming cop accused the cyclist of being “inconsiderate and stupid” over the sweary tirade and told him: "If we weren't police and we were the wrong type of people… if I overran you because we are the wrong type of people, you want to put your kids' lives at risk?"

He added: "Swearing in the street with two small children. You're committing public order offences with your kids.”

The cyclist hit back saying it was "really important" drivers don't block the bus and bikes lane, but the officer replied: "Well, swearing in the street is against the law. You just did it.

"It's a public offence. In a public place, where there's two children, you cannot swear. That's under Section 5 of the Public Order Act. It's an offence and it's a £100 fine."

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A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police later admitted it was wrong of the officer to threaten the arrest.

Inspector Tony Adkins of the Met Police's Roads and Transport Policing Command said: "I've seen this video, and what the officers say is clearly wrong.

"Officers were conducting an operation in the area to stop a vehicle, and I am content that it was appropriate for them to have stopped in a bus lane due to this operational need.

"I will speak with the two officers concerned when they are next on duty."

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